Duty Free Australia

While travelling overseas, it’s easy to get caught up in the perks of duty free shopping.

Being able to purchase products without tax, such as alcohol, is an appealing prospect, but many of the benefits of duty free shopping overseas can be outweighed by a host of inconveniences. From irregular duty free allowances and baggage weight restrictions through to the reality of having to carry your shopping with you, it can seem to be more trouble than it's worth.

  Australia New Zealand
Alcohol (total)  2.25L 4.5L  4.5L
Wine, champagne, port, sherry  2.25L Up to 6 bottles (4.5L)  Up to 6 bottles (4.5L)
Spirits, liqueur  2.25L  Up to 3 bottles (containing no more than 1.125L each
Tobacco (total)  50 grams or 50 cigarettes  50 grams or 50 cigarettes
Cigarettes  50  50